We fall for the delusions of life… instilled for a thousand generations. I looked around one day to find only delusions. I needed a ladder to climb out of this filthy trash bin. We fall for the delusions of life… explained to me by a sleeping world. I looked around one day to see hundreds […]

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The Tall Woman

Yesterday, while walking my beautiful dog, I met a woman walking her beautiful dog. I was immediately attracted to this woman, in a friendship way. She was tall, very tall – I’d say six feet five inches. She was about thirty five years old. She was gangly and gaunt and she stuttered. She talked to […]

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Your body is a universe. You consist of many, many cells… Within those cells are many, many, many molecules… Within those molecules are many, many, many, many atoms- Trillions/gazillions, no one has ever counted. Most of the atoms in your body belong to other creatures. Host like beings that make up the universe – which […]

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When is enough, enough?

If I Blog every day, is that too much blogging? If I Blog once a week, month or year does that suit you better? Who are you?   Who are the you I am blogging to? Why Blog? To talk to myself? Have a record of my thoughts? Communicate with you? Teach you? Learn from you via […]

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This is your life!

Do what you want to do. If your passion is watching ants … do it!   If you’re looking for your soul mate – stop. Only in stillness will a butterfly land on you – put away the net and continue with step number one.   Connect to someone or something. Have you ever really […]

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